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Thorfinn "Toff"

Thorfinn has played airsoft since the summer of 2015 and formed the team in oktober 2015, with his girlfriend (Christina). Thorfinn functions as the Squad leader and as a rifleman. He favors CQB and use a tactical playstyle, but sometimes he can also let loose and just run and gun for the hell of it.

Thorfinn's primary objective before the game is usually to inflict as much pain as he can on his squad mates, him and red usually end up shooting half the team before the game starts. This serves 2 very tactical and strategic purposes, it makes the entire team laugh which off course lifts the team spirit, and it slows his teammates so they wont get the first contact kills. This leaves him rather cocky after games except when his kryptonite (speedballers) are present, then he sort of turns into the strategic leader commanding from the rear.  



Primary Gun
heavily modified Specna arms SA-A03

Tokyo Marui G17

Squad Leader/Rifleman


Personal Traits
Dark and morbid humor