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Jonas "Muffintop"

Jonas is our very own muffintop. He is a hardcore milsim player even more so before he joined the team. Gaining his nickname from his tactical beer belly he has a personality that matches his size. He is the newest addition to the squad and since he joined our ranks in early 2017, he has made a seamless integration with the rest of the squad. Despite being the newest addition to the team he is one of the most experienced players in the squad.

Jonas likes big, loud, and fast which really reflects on his choice of weaponry. If it ain't Gas or HPA he doesn't run it. Jonas is not a speedballer though, milsims are where he shines the most, the bigger the milsim the better. Besides being an excellent player Jonas is also the team's personal photographer and is responsible for most of the teams pictures. Also he is easily distracted with icecream so remember that if you meet him on the field



Tippmann m4

Armor works AB.

Team role


Personal traits
Big personality and Icecream