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Mikkel "Monster"

Mikkel started playing airsoft in the beginning of 2016. Despite the fact that he has owned airsoft guns for 10 years he only got his debut as a field player in early 2016

He used to play in his backyard or in a nearby forest with some of his friends. Since he has started to play on a real field he has only become more into the sport of airsoft and he planning on getting more gear and guns in the future.

Mikkel joined ravenfall in late 2016 around oktober at the same time as Jaws, we are unsure if they have some sort of connection and Mikkel wont reveal anything, but they play very well together, so who knows. Mikkel started out as a rifleman but has recently invested in the Novritsch SSG24 to take the place as the ravenfall sniper. Mikkel runs a very basic loadout which is not a disadvantage at all, he likes his loadout light and mobil. Even going as far as to turning his Tokyo-Marui into his primary weapon on rather large fields. This makes him very fast and agile around the map which results in him disappearing from time to time. He usually shows up at the end of the game coverd in sweat and with a ton of kills to his name.



Novritch SSG24

Modified Tokyo marui Hi-Capa 5.1 


Monster (because of his unhealthy addiction and anger management issues)

Personal Traits
Active, but seems to disappear a lot