Patience, operator content incomming...


We don’t know anything about Jaws past. He is a total mystery to us. He only speaks during games and it’s only callouts and information regarding the game. As soon as the game is over he goes into a sort of default mode and doesn’t really acknowledge anyone/anything other than his gun, magazines, and speedloader.    

Jaws was offered to join the team back in october 2016 and responded with silence. Even though it was a bit weird at first we sort just rolled with it. We haven’t learned anything else about Jaws but we have theories about his past. Ever since he joined odd things have started to happen. Speedballers tell tales of “laughing” after they have been shot by Jaws. But we are not sure if there is any truth to that.


Primary Gun
heavily modified Specna arms SA-B12

lightly modified Armor works Hi-capa HX1102



Personal Traits
His mask and his odd silence