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What gear do we run?

Toff in all the gear one could ask for : Picture by our very own Muffintop

Our uniform and gear is loosely based off Private military contractors but we do like to feel operator when we are on the field so our load out mostly resembles a hybrid between actual military and PMC’s. Camoflage clothes and equipment however is not something we work with in Ravenfall. This keeps the uniform very recognizable and it unlocks a ton of options as to what we can run in our loadouts since most pouches and other equipment always have a black variant.

Lets take it from the top. Our base uniform is consitent of a black BDU and a pair of OD combat pants. This is required for all ravenfall members to wear at all games we take part in as a team. This is pretty much the only requirement we have for our members.

The majority of our ravens are equiped with ranger green TMC plate carriers since they are rather affordable and really comfordable and tough, this is optional how ever since the individual roles on the team might require something else, we do strive for the fact that everyone either has a OD/RG vest or chestrig of some sort.

Most of our players also run OD battle belts. Which has proven very useful since all of us are running midcap magazines so having a few extra mags really helps when the games are dragging out. We don’t have a specific brand we buy from, its mostly just what people feel like

Other than that we dont have any reqirement in terms of equipment since we have a lot of respect for each others play styles